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5 Cool Copywriting Tricks That Will Knock Your Readers’ Socks Off!

Contrary to popular belief, page views are not as important as potential clients spending time on your website.

The internet is changing every day and you have to keep up with the demands of the market. Nowadays, it’s not enough to get someone to simply click to your content- you have to get them to read it. And then keep on reading.

Valuable content and loyalty is key. But how is this possible when only 55% of people who click onto your site only stay for more than a few seconds at a time?

A sharper headline has never had so much riding on it. A creative hook to grab your readers’ attention means more revenue for you.

Focus on valuable content. The longer the length, the more revenue it will make for you. This is where long-form content comes in. If you get your reader to stay on your site for more than 3 minutes, it actually increases the probability of them coming back for more. Value leads to loyalty which leads to more revenue. This makes sense, right? The sites with the most useful content should make the most money! 

Right, with this in mind, let’s get to the tricks that will make your copy stand out and hook the reader in those crucial first few seconds.

1. Use Copywriting Formulae. Do not be afraid to use the age-old tried and tested methods. Copywriting has existed for centuries and the old formulae still work a treat. Take a look at these formulae and apply them to the pages that you write. You will no longer feel frustration and fatigue hit you while looking at a blank screen again!

2. Use Emotive Language. Learn to evoke emotions through using powerful language that has been proven to excite and engage readers. Read through a whole list of over 800 words here. Don’t forget, it’s still so important to create valuable content on your website. Just recognise the power of the words that you use!

3. Be Concise. The attention span of a human is now less than the 9 seconds of the notorious goldfish. The digital revolution has decreased the attention span of an average adult by spades. It has never been more important to stick to the point in your message. Get to the crux of your message quicker to keep the attention of your reader.

4. Use Copywriting Tools. The internet has several wonderful tools that will help you to grab readers’ attention by using the right power words to hook them in with a great headline and to achieve the correct reading age. The average reading age of a reader is Grade 4 or age 9. The Hemingway app helps you to assess this by giving you a readability score. It also flags sentences that are difficult to read. Simply copy and paste your text on the page to get going. Your copy will be clear and concise once you’ve finished here. You’re welcome!

5. Proofread: Wait before you publish your content. Now, before I began to write professionally on my blog, I was notorious for hitting the publish button before my content was quite ready. I would get messages from my close friends and family pointing out typos and minor errors in my writing. Now I come from a family of teachers and I have friends who are clever and notice the smallest thing, but it still taught me a lesson. My work needed time to breathe before I came back to it with fresh eyes to proofread it again. Of course, apps like Grammarly help, as do your normal spell checking features on your computer.

Give yourself a chance in this dynamic environment. Learn to write engaging copy that converts or get someone to do it for you! If you need a hand with this, get in touch today a no-obligation FREE consultation.