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7 Powerful Ways To Engage Your Reader With a Tantalising Title

The internet is a busy place- full of noisy ads and provocative content. Content writers are in a continuous battle for your attention. Stand out by creating an original title.

Here are 7 ways to create that fab headline:

1. It must be engaging and grab the reader's attention. It is the first sentence your reader will see. Make it count!

2. Make a promise to the readers and then make sure your headline delivers. Your post should answer the issue addressed in your headline. For example, if there’s a headline with a promise, “Learn 6 Proven Benefits a Staycation”, this post should tell you these proven strategies. Share your most valuable content all the time. Quality and quantity both count! The more you post high quality content, the more recurring visitors you’ll get. Brand loyalty depends on this.

3. Use numbers in your title and make a list post. People love numbers and it gets them to sit up and take notice! Many of the most-read blog posts’ headlines begin like this. Clear points and targets can be seen and readers appreciate a numbered post so they know exactly what they are getting. These list posts are easier to read too if someone is in a rush. The first words used next to each number summarise the whole point. Then it is up to the reader if they’d like to invest more time in reading the post in detail.

4. Begin with a negative word in your headline. Use words like “won’t, avoid, worst” to get people’s attention. It gets them thinking, “I don’t want that happening to me so I better read it to find out more!”

5. Use How To in your title. People absolutely love learning new things (especially if it’s about being better at something). It also signals expertise and insightful content. A ‘How To’ blog post appeals to those readers who wish to better themselves and is usually the first thing that readers type into google if they are stuck.

6. Use websites like headline generator to analyse your heading. This ensures a balanced use of powerful emotive language. This website has over 800 of these words you can download for free.

In Conclusion

Pay attention to your headline and the message you are sending out. This is the first thing your reader will see and is likely to affect whether they read your content or not! Focus on hooking the reader, promising something of value and then delivering on that promise. Use the tools available on the internet and you will be onto a winner. 

If you need help creating click-worthy content and terrific titles then get in touch today for a free consultation!