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How To Build a Daily Affirmation Journaling Routine

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Begin the journey of retraining your soul to widen your perspective and to find your way back to your true purpose. 

You are a resilient soul. Use beautiful powerful tools given to you by the universe like a journal to focus on the here and now. A daily practice of written affirmations will serve as an empowering reminder of who you are and where you want to be today.

Of course, the most important place to be in this instant is the present! This presence is crucial for your growth and progression. However difficult it is to live in the present when things are far from perfect, it will help you form solutions and the answers will come from places you have never imagined. Own your feelings of guilt or inaptitude and you will attract solutions throughout the day.

Here are 5 tips to write a precise journal entry every day to help you visualise exactly how you see yourself fulfilling your potential in the moment you are in.

1. Use the words ‘I am’ to begin each entry. For example, I am here right now; I am in the perfect moment right now.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and take stock of who you are right now.

2. Present tense – remember that the present is a portal into creativity, connection and infinite love. The Universe, God, Mother Nature (whatever name you wish to use for your Higher Power) has a plan for you. Take a deep breath knowing you are being looked after in every moment.

3. Remain positive.

‘What you seek is seeking you’ Rumi.

Remember that you’re not alone in your quest for fulfilment. Whatever your goal is for today, remind yourself that everything has its particular time. If it doesn’t happen the way you want it in the time you have planned then know that the reality will be better.

4. Be brief. If you remain brief in your daily affirmations, you’re more likely to make this into a daily routine. Be concise and it will help you to remain consistent.

5. Remind yourself to feel gratitude for everything that you have in your life right now. This attitude will help you to remain positive and count your blessings. Your journal entry will help you to focus on the bright side of life and ultimately bring you into the present moment in the best way.

Here is an example of my daily affirmation journal entry for today:

I am strong and capable. I will manage my work and then make time for creativity. I will remember to listen to my body and stop for a rest when I am tired. I have slotted stillness and prayer into my timetable today. I will use this time to be present and mindful. 

I will also take time out to recharge my physical energy with exercise. I will be kind to my body and eat nutritious food. In this way my mind, body and soul will be looked after.

I am important. My needs matter. 

I am worried that my needs will be pushed aside to accommodate others’ needs. I must work through this and make time for myself in a respectful and positive way.

will work with my Higher Power today to unlock the door to true self-love and self-belief. I trust that the universe will give me what I need today. I am grateful for the roof over our heads. I am grateful for my loved ones that surround me. I am in the moment; serene and peaceful. 

The Upshot

Being in the present tense is so important for your growth as an individual. A daily journal entry will help you to achieve this. Sit with your feelings in the here and now and try to remain positive. Own each feeling as you reflect on it, even if it is a messy one. Feel empowered knowing that the Higher Power you believe in is working with you to achieve your goals. A daily reminder to be grateful will be highly beneficial for your personal growth and mental health. 

Do you agree? Do you have anything to add to this discussion? What is helping you to get through Lockdown 2020? 

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